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The Builders

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The Builders, designed by sculptor George Danhires, was dedicated in Allegheny Landing on June 12, 1984. The 5-foot, 8-inch tall bronze sculpture is a tribute to the builders of Pittsburgh’s two renaissances. Commissioned by the construction company, Mellon Stuart Company, it is based on a photograph of two actual company employees. In creating the sculpture, Danhires used a procedure that involving soaking rough burlap strips in melted wax; anchoring the burlap to an armature of steel pipe covered with styrofoam to establish the general figure; and then developing surface detail and texture of the figures by working the wax surface with various tools and brushes.

From Wally Gobetz - Flickr

Location of statue
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The Builders - 1984 - PGH George Danhire
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